Advanced Chemical Company
Warwick, Rhode Island

Booth # 515

Incorporated in 1972, Advanced Chemical Company operates as an ISO-9001:2008 (quality management), ISO-14001:2004 (environmental management) ITAR (international traffic and arms) registered full service precious metals refiner of gold, silver, platinum, palladium and rhodium.  Refining capabilities include most hazardous and non-hazardous precious metal-bearing material from a wide variety of industries. The company’s state-of-the-art analytical laboratories are equipped for X-ray, gravimetric, atomic absorption, ICP and fire assays.  Advanced Chemical Company is also a leading manufacturer of proprietary precious and non-precious metal electroplating processes and many other specialty chemistries.

Aggregates Equipment, Inc.
Leola, Pennsylvania

Booth # 325

AEI manufactures the bivi-TEC non-blinding screen, the best solution for sizing of electronic scrap.  With the bivi-TEC screen, there is no need for excessive cleaning of wire or other material plugging the screen.  The leader in difficult screening applications, AEI also engineers and manufactures complete recycling and processing plants for a turnkey solution.

Allegheny Shredders        
Delmont, Pennsylvania                

Booth #503

Allegheny Shredders has been the industry leader for over 45 years, garnering a reputation for manufacturing superior destruction equipment, providing complete, innovative solutions and delivering outstanding customer support. Regardless of what an operator needs to destroy, collect, process and recycle, Allegheny can help make the job a whole lot easier and more profitable.  To learn more, call Evelyn Jefferson.

Alpha Surplus, Inc.
Ontario, California

Booth #527

Alpha Surplus is located in Southern California, approximately 35 miles east of Los Angeles.  The company was established in 2001 to provide services for integrated chips recovery and LCD repair through consignment with various vendors and OEMs.  In 2003, Alpha Surplus started processing various types of e-scrap materials in response to clients' requests.  By working with manufacturers and refiners directly, the company has been able to reuse and recover the maximum resources among end-of-life products.

American Pulverizer Company                
St. Louis, Missouri            

Booth # 303

Since 1908, American Pulverizer Company has manufactured heavy-duty, reliable reduction equipment.  American Pulverizer's slow-speed shredders and ring crushers have been used to destroy and liberate many kinds of e-scrap, including computer servers, mainframes and batteries.  American Pulverizer ring crushers are known for unsurpassed liberation and uptime.  Along with its subsidiary, Hustler Conveyor Company, American Pulverizer can offer complete systems.

Ameri-Shred Corp.
Alpena, Michigan

Booth # 117

Ameri-Shred Corp. is an OEM with equipment and system solutions for the destruction of SSDs, hard drives and other assorted e-scrap. The company is a leader in digital data destruction equipment.

Andritz MeWa GmbH
Glen Falls, New York

Booth #103

Andritz MeWa GmbH is Europe's largest e-scrap recycling equipment manufacturer.  Its approach to e-scrap recycling starts with the design and manufacture of specialized "dismantlers" for that waste stream.  This proprietary and patented technology allows customers to hand-sort the material flow and separate it into fractions that carry high market value.  It is a unique and cost-effective system, and it offers high availability, low maintenance and wear costs, and the lowest electrical consumption in the industry.

Waukegan, Illinois

Booth #323

ARCOA Group is a leading service provider for the end-of-life electronics industry.  The company's services include asset relocation, re-marketing and recycling built on R2, ISO 14001 and 18001 certifications.  The firm's niche outlets for copiers and printers and nationwide presence gives ARCOA a strong competitive advantage over "the other guys."  With over 20 years in business, the company gives customers the best total solution to maximize return on investment while also adhering to the highest environmental standards.   The company has its headquarters in Waukegan, Illinois and also operates Milwaukee and Orlando, Florida.

Balcan Lamp Recycling Systems       
Horncastle, Lincolnshire, United Kingdom     

Booth #517

Balcan Engineering supplies its range of lamp recyclers throughout the world, having been involved with lamp disposal since 1980.  The firm is now one of the UK’s largest lamp recyclers.  Systems are tailored to clients' requirements and all Balcan Lamp Recycling Systems handle most types of lamps at volumes up to 12,000 per hour.  Used by many in the U.S., the Blacan products are the the ideal option for those investing in new lamp recycling equipment.

Battery Solutions        
Howell, Michigan       

Booth #227

Battery Solutions is an R2:2013/RIOS certified recycler that helps company owners and environmental health and safety managers that are concerned with the liability, compliance, and chain-of-custody issues surrounding their spent battery waste.  The firms helps clients that take into account best management practices and the environment when choosing a recycling solution.  Battery Solutions provides a complete turnkey solution and certificates of recycling to clients, giving them "cradle to cradle" paper-trail documentation for their spent battery waste streams.

Marietta, Georgia             

Booth #407/409

Blancco is the global leader in data erasure and computer reuse solutions.  With millions of users on every continent, the company is the preferred erasure choice of military, defense, police, banking and IT asset reseller organizations around the world.  Founded in 1997, Blancco offers the most certified data erasure solutions in the industry.  With headquarters in Finland, Blancco operates from an extensive network of 16 international offices and partners across Europe, North America, the Middle East, Russia, Asia and Australia.  Blancco provides process efficiency to thousands of corporations and hundreds of IT asset recycling, refurbishing and re-marketing centers worldwide.

Boliden Commercial AB              
Stockholm, Sweden         

Booth #318

Boliden is a metals company with a commitment to sustainable development.  The company’s roots are Nordic, but its business is global.  The company’s core competence is within the fields of exploration, mining, smelting and metals recycling.  Boliden has a total of approximately 4,400 employees and an annual revenue of approximately 40 billion Swedish Krona (roughly $6 billion).  Its shares are listed on NASDAQ OMX Stockholm, segment Large Cap, and on the Toronto Stock Exchange in Canada.  Boliden's five smelters refine metal concentrates and other raw materials, such as electronic scrap, metal scrap, metal ashes and scrap car batteries, to produce both pure metals and customised alloys.

Rochester, Minnesota

Booth #306/308

BrokerBin.com is the largest, most widely used trading platform in the industry for IT, telecom, printer and point-of-sale professionals.  We are committed to helping you do more business, better business, and to keeping your business safe while doing it.  The service has over 3,500 paying companies who search for parts an average of 190,000 times per day.

Bunting Magnetics Co.
Newton, Kansas              

Booth #412

For over 50 years, Bunting has established itself as an industry-leading manufacturer in several product lines. We are constantly seeking new ways to provide the industries we serve with more efficient production techniques. The science that we apply offers an economical, permanent energy source. We believe that it will play an increasingly important role in our nation’s future, contributing to the increased efficiency so vital in competitive world markets.

CDI ARS        
Markham, Ontario, Canada     

Booth #522

CDI's ARS division is focused on reuse, data security, and environmental stewardship.  Serving all of North America with regional sites and a state-of-the-art refurbishing facility, CDI ARS brings value to virtually every technology disposition requirement.  As an ISO 9001, 14001 and R2 certified company, CDI ensures customers will receive the best quality, safety and environmental standards in the industry.  CDI-ARS works directly with businesses, government and technology OEMs as well as offering third-party services on behalf of technology resellers and ITAD providers.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Booth #213

CHWMEG, Inc. is a nonprofit trade association representing over 770 member enterprises.  Member support includes comprehensive reviews of waste treatment and disposal facilities as well as recyclable material processors worldwide (including e-scrap facilities).  Members receive high-quality, objective, accurate information concerning potential business risk associated with reviewed facilities.  A unique cost-sharing approach leads to significant member savings while increasing the level of available facility detail – cumulative member savings of over $47 million is documented.  Members additionally benefit from networking with peers at CHWMEG meetings, outreach activities and more.  

Cinco Electronic Recycling 
Austin, Texas

Booth #215

Cinco Electronics Recycling (CER) specializes in the reuse and recovery of end-of-life electronic products.  CER processes end-of-life products into base materials by demanufacturing products into subassemblies, reselling usable components and recycling the remaining materials.  CER is committed to "zero landfill" through its ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certifications.  Recycling diligence is assured through Cinco's successful completion of the R2 and ISO 9001.  CER has continued its growth from a single facility in 2000, to three strategic locations in Austin, Texas; Columbus, Ohio; and Ontario, California, totaling over 150,000 square feet.

Cleanlites Recycling, Inc.       
Cincinnati, Ohio         

Booth #335

Cleanlites Recycling, Inc. specializes in sustainable, comprehensive waste stream management for your business.  As a family-owned and -operated company, the firm maintains several recycling facilities and recycles many types of waste including electronics, lamps, ballasts, batteries and appliances.  The company's R2/RIOS certified facilities take liabilities away from customers and process waste streams sustainably.  Cleanlites works with many Fortune 500 companies in developing and maintaining product management from cradle to cradle.

Colt Refining & Recycling
Merrimack, New Hampshire

Booth #312/314

Colt Refining, Inc. operates the largest fully permitted precious metals refining facility on the East Coast.  It's designed to process all types of precious metal-bearing materials and includes state-of-the-art thermal oxidizing systems, induction melting equipment, milling/blending/sampling process equipment and chemical processing lines.  All forms of precious metal-bearing e-scrap are processed by Colt, ensuring our customers receive maximum recovery values.  Colt Recycling, the e-scrap processing division of Colt Refining, Inc., is the largest processor of scrap electronics in the Northeast.  Colt offers professional, domestic processing solutions to the Fortune 500, telecom and OEM markets, utilizing the company's custom designed shred/separation/destruction system. 

CycleLution, Inc.        
Diamond Bar, California        

Booth #206

Currently being utilized by over 70 facilities, CycleLution is the leading software for the IT Asset Disposition industry. Its functions include CRM, scheduling, inventory receiving, bar coding, registration, processing, dismantling, asset tracking, profit sharing, settlement, invoicing, point of sales, commodity sales, smelting, photo managing,  email notifications, automated document generation as well as client online tracking and reporting. The software is also an essential tool for obtaining and maintaining R2, e-Stewards or ISO certifications.

CyclePoint from SourceAmerica       
Vienna, Virginia         

Booth #333

CyclePoint from SourceAmerica is a national electronics recycling services provider.  The 501 (c)(3) nonprofit group serves people with disabilities at locations all across America, providing complete chain of custody, certificate of destruction and certificate of erasure for all data security needs.  The organization maintains comprehensive environmental management practices through R2/RIOS certification.

Jacksonville, Florida

Booth #107

DesertMicro has been providing software for the recycling and waste industries since 1986.  Over 1,100 companies now utilize RouteManager to streamline their operations from customer management, through dispatch and scheduling, to billing and cash receipts.  Add the firm's GPS and mapping applications for the most comprehensive solution.  DesertMicro was the first Windows solution for the waste industry and maintains the status of being the leader in providing innovative solutions to the solid waste industry.

North Andover, Massachusetts

Booth #102

DestructData is the largest independent provider of data destruction/security solutions. The company offers data erasure solutions along with independent quality control tools, satisfying worldwide certification requirements.  DestructData uses all methods of physical destruction for all types of electronic media, including smartphones and tablets.

Discount Micro Sales (DMS) 
Fullerton, California   

Booth #434

Are you liquidating, consolidating or upgrading your technology? Do you have memory made by Samsung, Kingston, Micron, Hynix, Corsair, Adata?  Turn it into cash by selling to DMS, a firm that specializes in buying and trading memory and CPU chips. The company buys both small and large quantities.

Dlubak Glass 
Upper Sandusky, Ohio           

Booth #528

Founded in 1932, in the garage of Walter Sr. and Mary Dlubak in Natrona Heights, Pennsylvania, Dlubak Glass Company is family-owned and operated, and it is now in its third generation of family ownership.  Since its start in the bottle recycling business, Dlubak Glass Company has grown to become one of the largest U.S. recyclers and processors of glass.

New York, New York

Booth #327

Dowa has over 120 years of experience in mining, smelting and refining, and the company's focus is to realize precious metal closed loop recycling.  Advanced metal extraction technology enables Dowa to extract 22 metal elements at Akita Zinc Co. and the Kosaka smelter in Japan. Dowa's effort to maximize metal recovery and environmental best practices is widely recognized, and the company continues to contribute to a recycling-oriented society through Dowa's worldwide network and broad range of recycling capabilities.

Dynamic Recycling         
La Crosse, Wisconsin

Booth #417

Dynamic Recycling is a full-service electronics recycling, IT equipment remarketing, and scrap purchasing corporation headquartered in La Crosse, Wisconsin.  The firm recently expanded to a second full-service processing facility located in Nashville, Tennessee.  The company takes great pride in our ability to offer customers a versatile suite of services that are financially competitive and environmentally sustainable.

E Recycling Systems LLC 
Atlanta, Georgia       

Booth #228

ERS LLC imports the best European technology to provide complete systems to separate and process e-scrap, copper and aluminum wire/cable, copper/aluminum radiators and auto shredder residue.  Companies that ERS represents include Guidetti Recycling Equipment for wire and e-scrap and KM for e-scrap and ASR.  ERS provides complete turnkey solutions for clients' processing requirements.

Echo Environmental 
Dallas, Texas 

Booth #334

Echo Environmental is striving to raise the standard and redefine what it means to be a true end-of-life recycler.  The firm's goal is to take each material type down to its most basic form and perform as much of the refining process as possible in the United States.  The company operates an R2 certified facility in Waverly, Ohio, and as a large-scale processor of circuit boards and electronic waste, Echo is capable of buying on a per-pound or refining basis, depending on quality and volume.  Echo has one of the largest network of collection facilities in the nation with over 60 locations accepting small volume electronic waste.

Dallas, Texas

Booth #432

EcoPhones specializes in the reverse logistics, processing, remarketing and recycling of cell phones, iPads and other mobile devices for industry and corporate partners.  The firm's diverse, specialized remarketing channels and repair capabilities allow it to maximize the value of used electronics for clients while ensuring data erasure, environmental, health and safety compliance.  We are R2, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certified.  All work is done at our state-of-the-art facility in Dallas.  

ECS Refining LLC      
Santa Clara, California

Booth #418

ECS Refining is the leader in responsible electronics recycling and IT asset disposition, providing a broad spectrum of value recovery and risk mitigation services to a variety of markets, including large enterprises, manufacturers, government agencies, and recycling partners around the world. Founded in the heart of the Silicon Valley in 1980, ECS Refining leverages state-of-the art recycling infrastructure and over 33 years of experience to provide the most comprehensive and advanced solutions in the industry.

EG Metals, Inc.
Hillsboro, Oregon            

Booth #223

Export Global Metals, Inc., with headquarters in Hillsboro, Oregon, is an R2/RIOS Certified Electronics Recycler and has been a competitive leader in the global electronic and metal recycling industry for the past decade.  Working with global refiners and smelters, Export Global Metals, Inc. buys and sells electronic, ferrous and non-ferrous metals from both domestic and international vendors.  It has the capability for end-of-life processing for electronics, providing secured chain-of-custody from receipt to destruction.  Export Global considers product stewardship a high priority and complies with all local, state, federal, and international laws.         

Eldan Recycling     
Sanborn, New York    

Booth #208

Since 1956, Eldan Recycling has been one of the world’s leading manufacturers of machinery for the processing of non-ferrous scrap, tires, WEEE, wire and cable. The company has installed more than 830 complete plants and 7,100 single machines all over the world. Eldan's recycling equipment is recognized for its durability, flexibility and low maintenance and processing costs. Eldan has a complete stock of consumable wear parts at its New York location.

Electronics Recycling Directory
Greenwich, Connecticut

Booth #525

The Electronics Recycling Directory is the industry’s definitive online information and marketing site.  With over 5,000 listings, 1200 industry articles and patents, current e-scrap prices and real-time metals prices we serve every segment of the market.  The service's newsletter, Updates, keeps readers current on prices, news, technologies and events.  With a Showcase Listing or banner ad on ElectronicsDirectory.com, partners connect with the entire industry.  

EQ, a US Ecology Company         
Wayne, Michigan             

Booth #424

EQ, a US Ecology Company is a fully integrated environmental management services organization with over 57 years of experience.  The company implements innovative technology and service solutions that minimize waste volumes, reduce costs and protect the environment. EQ offers streamlined hazardous and non-hazardous waste recycling, treatment, disposal and wastewater treatment.  It also provides a full line of environmental services including emergency response, remediation, industrial services, lab packing, transportation, household hazardous waste and retail programs. 

Seattle, Washington

Booth #504/506

The e-Stewards standard is the globally responsible, third-party international certification for e-waste recyclers and refurbishers. In addition, e-Stewards certification is the leading global standard that provides businesses with a best practices framework to effectively manage risks. Once  established, this system provides a tool for continually improving business performance. The certification was initiated at the request of e-scrap industry leaders to better identify recyclers and refurbishers who adhere to the highest standard of environmental responsibility and worker protection.

E-Tech Management USA, Inc.        
Ontario, California          

Booth #115

E-Tech Management is a company with global sourcing in the electronics recycling industry.  Electronic scrap materials are processed to determine precious metal content by various metallurgical steps, including shredding, grinding, screening and smelting, which completely destroys the electronic components and data to produce clean and segregated materials.  All materials that are deemed hazardous are disposed of by the firm in accordance with all federal, state and local laws.  The company exceeds environmental, management and work safety requirements, and it is certified to the ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and RIOS standards.

Austin, Texas 

Booth #332

The eViridis firm offers the only comprehensive, cloud-based solutions for managing assets from acquisition, through mid-life, decommissioning and final disposition.  The company's solutions provide proprietary audit, tracking, warehouse capacity planning and pricing engines that allow users to seamlessly manage whole units, parts or commodities.  The service includes a robust product database, allowing for unlimited product configuration, ad-hoc and standard reports and third-party integration to other software platforms.

Exit Technologies           
Naples, Florida               

Booth #129

Exit Technologies is a computer asset management company, specializing in servers, laptops and other computer systems.  The firm's hardware expertise is focused on memory modules, CPUs, networking cards and other board level components.  Exit Technologies purchases IT assets direct from corporate end-users, government and solution providers.  The company's inventory position and strategy allows it to get deeply involved in the distribution and direct sale of AMD, Intel, Dell, HP, IBM, and Sun hardware.

Extreme Protocol Solutions     
Uxbridge, Massachusetts        

Booth #512

As a protocol test and development company with 15 years in the storage industry, Extreme Protocol's solutions are used in engineering labs, manufacturing floors and data centers across the planet.  Enterprise Data Erasure was designed specifically to erase entire frames, individual arrays, loose drives, servers, PCs or laptops and address auditing, tracking and compliance concerns.  Select the only industry-proven solution designed, manufactured and used by storage engineers with over a decade of experience.

First America Metal Corporation        
Morris, Illinois            

Booth #429

First America Metal Corporation (FAMC) is one of the top metal scrap exporters in the world.  The company has locations in the Chicago area, as well as two locations in China.  James Li , owner and president, has been in the scrap metal industry for over 25 years.  First America has been a proud member of ISRI and the National Demolition Association.  The company is primarily a buyer of non-ferrous metals and buys other items as well, such as stainless steel, high-temp alloys and other high-grade items.  FAMC also purchases e-scrap, such as motherboards, hard drives, laptops and batteries.

Forrec USA             
Tampa, Florida                

Booth #516

Forrec designs and manufactures a wide range of industrial shredders and grinders able to meet the various needs for recycling.  It is focused on turn-key solutions for e-scrap, white goods and the other solid waste.  Designed to guarantee high quality standards, Forrec machines and systems fully meet various needs and completely satisfy every expectation with the maximum reliability.

Gannon & Scott               
Cranston, Rhode Island and Phoenix, Arizona

Booth #413

For over 95 years, Gannon & Scott has combined integrity with technologically advanced refining processes to provide customized precious metals refining, reclamation and physical/intellectual property destruction services.  With a new 100,000-square-foot facility in Rhode Island and a facility in Phoenix, the company is able to provide a geographic advantage.  The facilities are fully compliant with EPA, Department of Transportation and local environmental management offices.  The firm is also ITAR registered, CHWMEG approved, ISO 9001:2008 certified and zero discharge.  With 100 percent full processing, leading-edge refining technologies, stringent environmental standards, superior returns and customer service the firm is advancing the industry’s standards.

GEEP (Global Electric Electronic Processing)
Barrie, Ontario

Booth #205

GEEP (Global Electric Electronic Processing) is a global leader in the electronic asset management and end-of-life electronics recycling sectors.  The company is committed to enabling safe and secure reuse of electronics through complete and permanent data erasure. It also specializes in recovery of natural resources from obsolete electronics as well as safe and responsible recycling of electronics to divert waste from landfill.  GEEP has locations across Canada, in the U.S., Mexico, Central America, South America and Europe.  GEEP is part of the Giampaolo Group of Companies.

Gem Iron & Metal, Inc.        
Ontario, California          

Booth #423/425

Gem Iron & Metal, Inc. is a company that buys and sells scrap metals throughout the recycling industry.  It is a fully integrated, global distributor of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, and its clients include both generators and consumers of scrap metals.  The firm distributes zorba, fines, tense, taint tabor, zurik, aluminum and copper radiator, transformers, talk, meatballs, wire, electric motors, brass, copper, manganese and many other recycled metals.

San Diego, California

Booth #419

Glassico represents true glass-to-glass recycling for North America, leveraging exclusive TDM technology and capabilities contained in the former Thomson CRT television manufacturing facility in Mexicali, Mexico, which has been converted into one of the largest CRT/monitor/display device dismantling and glass-to-glass processing facilities in the world.  The factory boasts a self-contained water treatment facility, fresh water tanks, electrical supply, and 10k/30k clean rooms.  Glassico, with its recycling partners, processes CRT glass in a manner that enables the display devices to be reusable downstream.  Glassico has quickly become the environmental partner of choice for many recyclers from coast to coast.      

San Jose, California    

Booth #212/214

Glencore is a world leader in the recycling of complex copper and precious metal materials. The company is continuously sourcing new streams of recyclable materials from new and existing customers and industries.  Its state-of-the-art technology and expertise in the recycling business ensure that clients get fair and accurate value for their recyclable materials.

Global Electronic Recycling        
Phoenix, Arizona

Booth #123

Global Electronic Recycling LLC has been providing tailored recycling and asset recovery solutions for the past 16 years.  Headquartered in Phoenix, GER has multiple secure locations allowing its clients' global needs to be met with the highest standards.  GER is ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 certified and is an R2/RIOS certified electronics recycling operation.  GER recycles all forms of obsolete and end-of-life electronics.

Government Liquidation              
Scottsdale, Arizona          

Booth #404

Government Liquidation is the exclusive partner of the U.S. Department of Defense for the sale of surplus and scrap property to the public.  E-scrap sales are conducted via our online auction platform and scheduled weekly.  Visit the service's website to view upcoming buying opportunities.

Greeneye Partners
Apple Valley, Minnesota

Booth #305

Greeneye Partners is an industry leader in conducting domestic and international environmental health and safety audits to meet the downstream due diligence requirements of industry standards, including e-Stewards, R2, EPSC and EPEAT.  Customers can choose an audit from the firm's large library or request Greeneye Partners do a custom audit tailored to meet client-specific requirements.  Other specialized services include management system implementation (including upgrades to R2:2013); custom auditing programs with service and follow up; and online and onsite training covering a magnitude of topics important to the e-scrap industry. 

Huntington Beach, California

Booth #225

Hamos GmbH Recycling and Separation Technology provides machines and systems for metal detection and metal separation as well as for the automated sorting and recycling of plastics and other materials.  The firm's many years of experience and cutting edge continuous development of separators and conveyors has made it a leading supplier of electrostatic separation and recycling technologies. Together with industrial partners in R&D, the company provides custom designs for clients' recycling requirements, including the separation of materials that to date have not been separable.

Hanwa Co., Ltd.
Irvine, California

Booth #309

Hanwa Co. Ltd. was established in 1947 and is one of the largest trading houses in Japan focused on "urban mining."  With offices all over the world and good relationships with multiple copper smelters, Hanwa provides the trading services between suppliers and smelters.  The company is able to maximize value while maintaining environmentally minded practices and following appropriate procedures.  Hanwa purchases all kinds of precious metal-bearing materials, including circuit boards, baghouse dust, bullion and lead frame.

HOBI International          
Dallas, Texas

Booth #513

HOBI International, Inc. is a leading IT and mobile asset management and recycling company serving Fortune 1000 clients across North America.  Since 1992, HOBI has provided comprehensive solutions for the re-marketing and environmentally responsible recycling of electronic assets.  The company's systems are designed to maximize clients’ ROI on obsolete assets while minimizing processing costs.  HOBI has facilities in Batavia, Illinois (R2/RIOS and ISO 14001 certified), Dallas (R2/RIOS and ISO 14001 certified) and Phoenix (R2/RIOS certified).

ICT Asset Recovery         
Boston, Massachusetts                 

Booth #514

ICT Asset Recovery is a global leader in IT asset management, electronics disposal solutions and compliance-focused recycling.  Since its founding two decades ago, ICT has evolved from a regional recycling operation to a full-service asset disposition provider servicing Fortune 1000 companies and government organizations.  With R2, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certifications in place and the ISO 9001 certification process underway, the company provides transparent, secure and compliant services to customers.

IMS Electronics Recycling, Inc.
Poway, California       

Booth #233

IMS Electronics is one of nine businesses under the IMS group, a leader in the recycling industry since 1954.  IMSE's national footprint includes four strategically-placed e-scrap processing centers in California, Washington, Georgia and Ohio, enabling IMSE to service clientele on a national basis.  All of the processing centers are equipped with state-of-the-art, large-scale shredders, DOD wipe service stations and test benches as well as demanufacturing and IT asset recovery capabilities.  IMSE's infrastructure is ideal for medium-to-large corporate accounts; OEMs that manufacture computers, TVs and electronics; retailers managing take-back programs and returns; school districts; universities; hospitals; and government.  Visit the firm's booth to meet IMSE's executives. 

Inspectorate America Corporation      
Houston, Texas           

Booth #224

Inspectorate is the core of the Bureau Veritas Commodities Division, providing independent inspection, sampling and testing services across a broad range of industries, including agriculture, chemicals, marine, metals, mining and oil and gas.  Bureau Veritas is a world leader in conformity assessment and certification services.  Created in 1828, the group now has almost 62,000 employees in 1,330 offices and laboratories located in 140 countries.

Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries
Washington, D.C.     

Booth #406/408

The Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries, Inc. (ISRI) is the "Voice of the Recycling Industry."  ISRI represents more than 1,600 companies in 21 chapters nationwide that process, broker and consume scrap commodities, including metals, paper, plastics, glass, rubber, electronics and textiles.  With headquarters in Washington, D.C., the organization provides education, advocacy and compliance training and promotes public awareness of the vital role recycling plays in the U.S. economy, global trade, the environment and sustainable development.

IRT - Integrated Recycling Technologies          
Monticello, Minnesota

Booth #523

Integrated Recycling Technologies is a privately held, Minnesota-based company, specializing in the recycling of catalytic converters, electronic scrap, non-ferrous scrap and precious metals.  IRT is the leading global consumer of high-grade circuit board scrap and automotive catalyst.  

International Computer Refurbisher Summit 
Chicago, Illinois   

Booth #315

Join the world’s most innovative and forward thinking electronic reuse and refurbishing companies at this year’s International Computer Refurbisher Summit (ICRS).  This year’s ICRS will be held in lovely Denver November 11-12, with exciting pre-summit events on Monday, November 10.  This will be the 11th annual conference and will be packed full of extraordinary sessions and great people.  So don’t miss the opportunity to network with the best, learn about new developments and discuss the best practices with these top companies from around the world.  For more information, please contact Sarah Cade a tsc@pcrr.com. Register today to reserve your space http://tinyurl.com/ICRS-2014.

IQ Reseller    
Wayzata, Minnesota

Booth #426

IQ reseller is the leader in ERP profit management software for IT resellers, recyclers and ITAD professionals.  IQ reseller contains over 50 critical features, processes, and technology "out of the box" that can be implemented in days providing significant immediate ROI.  Integration with Blancco minimizes asset processing costs, formats attribute data for customer reporting and asset remarketing.  Integrations with BrokerBin, PowerSource Online and Ecommerce maximize remarketed value.  Work smarter – use the industry standard proven with 1,400 users in nine countries for as low as $89/month/user.  Go to www.IQreseller.com and see what’s missing in your current software that is costing you profit. 

JKA Logistics
The Woodlands, Texas                

Booth #319

JKA Logistics provides specialized logistics services for the electronics recycling industry.  The company's operation is all-inclusive and includes picking up loose equipment in office buildings, packing it up and transporting it to its final destination. JKA Logistics can handle any size job in the U.S., Canada, Mexico and/or the Caribbean.         

JT Environmental Consulting  
Orlando, Florida              

Booth #422

JT Environmental Consulting has been assisting e-scrap and reuse organizations for over a decade in obtaining and maintaining compliance to their certifications.  JT Environmental can perform internal, compliance and downstream audits, provide OSHA and EPA mitigation assistance as well as ergonomic evaluations.  It can also assist firms to gain the following certifications: ADISA, e-Stewards, ISO 9001/14001/50001, NAID AAA, OHSAS 18001, RIOS and R2.  

LMI Solutions
Phoenix, Arizona        

Booth #231

LMI Solutions (LMI) has teamed up with Global Printer Services (GPS) to become an R2 certified manufacturer, distributor and recycler of premium replacement toner cartridges, remanufactured printers, and related imaging supplies and services across the United States and Canada.  LMI distributes and recycles more than 5,000 SKUs, including the most popular OEM products, and is a recognized global leader in innovative recycling concepts.

Longi Magnet Co., Ltd.           
Fushun, China

Booth #330

Longi Magnet Co., Ltd., founded in 1993, is a leading manufacturer of industrial magnetic equipment in Asia, with over 4000 sets annually.  LONGi holds 135 national patents and has CE and ISO 9001 certification.  With over 1000 employees, a provincial-level research center and laboratory facilities in conjunction with IEE, China’s Academy of Science, LONGi is well equipped for technical advancement.  LONGi has provided solutions and products to more than 3,000 customers in over 30 countries.

LS-Nikko Copper, Inc.           
Seoul, Korea            

Booth #118/120

LS-Nikko Copper, located in South Korea, is not only one of the leading copper smelters in the global non-ferrous metal industry, but a specialist in metal recycling business as well. The U.S. branch office in California is dedicated to procuring materials such as electronic scrap for its recycling business. The company has invested in ERI Co. to strengthen its business in North America. Now, the company is expanding its reach to Latin America. LS-Nikko Copper has four subsidiaries in its recycling business division: GRM, Recytech Korea, Torecom and Hwachang. 

Makor Solutions         
Minneapolis, Minnesota          

Booth #324

Makor Solutions provides a unique and powerful operating solution for IT asset disposition and e-waste recyclers, Makor Recycling Manager (MRM).  It provides users with a single system to control, monitor and report on their businesses.  The system serves as a collection point for activities, services, fees and the results of asset recovery or recycling.  This allows users to leverage that information to make better decisions and provide superior reporting to their customers, their partners and their management.

Material Sampling Technologies         
North Smithfield, Rhode Island          

Booth #518

MST combines over 40 years of trusted experience in the precious metals recovery business.  Its processes and sampling methods are proven to be among the best in the industry for accuracy and accountability.  The company provides a detailed settlement summary utilizing comprehensive materials tracking and reporting software.  MST also offers professional trading and hedging services as well as innovative transportation solutions.         

Meese Orbitron Dunne Co.     
Madison, Indiana        

Booth #529

Meese Orbitron Dunne Co. (MOD) designs and manufactures recycling carts, trucks and bulk containers for collecting and transporting scrap and e-waste of all kinds in a fast, safe and secure manner.  Named one of the top-20 American rotational molders by Plastics News, MOD plans to showcase its line of lockable electronics waste collection carts and forkliftable, covered, bulk containers that may be shipped globally without a pallet.  Find more at RecyclingCarts.com.

Memory Dogg
Cherry Hill, New Jersey

Booth #119

Since 2001, Memory Dogg has taken great pride in being a quality provider of computer memory of all kinds.  The firm specializes in trailing edge technology, buying and selling parts that have been rescued from used computers and servers.  Everything the company buys and sells is considered for reuse first.  Working modules get reused in machines.  Non-working modules and chips on boards are reused as chips on new working modules or as board level components in other applications.  Recovered scrap memory gets recycled in an environmentally responsible manner by the company's R2 certified partners, and those relationships are built on trust and performance.

Metal Conversions Technologies LLC
Cartersville, Georgia   

Booth #317

Metal Conversion Technologies LLC is a family-owned and -operated business known exclusively for providing superior customer service.  In 2003, MCT established its battery recycling facility just 40 miles north of Atlanta in Cartersville, Georgia.  In eight years, MCT has recycled more than 9,500 tons of batteries and is on track to recycle an additional 2,600 tons this year.  With over 50 years of battery manufacturing and recycling, engineering and material-handling knowledge, MCT utilizes its patented induction melt technology to produce its stainless remelt alloy from metal components in batteries.  The recycled product is a highly sought-after commodity in the U.S. stainless steel marketplace.

Metal Recycling & Processing Co.             
Hunt Valley, Maryland            

Booth #502

Metal Recycling & Processing Co., Inc. operates as a broker of precious metal and non-ferrous scrap.  MRP also buys and sells tested, working electronics and utilizes a 40,200-square-foot facility in Hunt Valley, Maryland.  MRP is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year and is a RIOS, R2 and ISO 14001 certified company.

Metech Recycling, Inc.     
Worcester, Massachusetts                   

Booth #508

Metech Recycling is a national scale ITAM and e-scrap processor.  Located in Massachusetts, North Carolina, Utah, Colorado and California, the firm is positioned to support enterprise customers with both e-Stewards and  R2 certification.  The company provides unique B2B value for large scale telecommunication customers, government agencies, health care and educational institutions that want to achieve a maximum return on their assets while ensuring brand protection and data security.

Modern Enterprise, Inc.          
Tampa, Florida           

Booth #530

Founded in 2003, Modern Enterprise Solutions (MES) is an ideal e-scrap partner.  Its 50,000-square-foot multi-certification compliant third-party downstream testing facility is key to realizing value in various categories of equipment.  The company purchases switches, routers, satellite and cable equipment, fiber optic, telephony, wireless, server, and tape /HD storage.  Specialties include Cisco, HP Procurve, Adtran, Lucent, Motorola, Nortel, Dell, IBM. To sell equipment to MES, Contact James Griffin at Jgriffin@modernenterprise.com.

MRT System International AB
Karlskrona, Sweden    

Booth #216

MRT provides systems for recycling of e-scrap, utilizing technology that can process a broad range of products such as fluorescent lamps, electrical components, medical waste and more. The MRT portfolio also includes CRT and flat panel separators.  Clean operating conditions, reliability and environmentally sound performance are all characteristics of the firm.  The mission and goal is to provide high quality, user-friendly systems at the best value, and the company strives to maintain a high level of customer satisfaction.

Nashville, Tennessee

Booth #511

MSS designs, manufactures and services automated sensor-based sorting equipment. The company's optical sorters are used in plastics, paper, glass, e-scrap and metal scrap recycling facilities as well as in single-stream, dual-stream, MSW, C&D and C&I plants.  In e-scrap applications, target fractions are engineering plastics such as ABS, HIPS and PC as well as ferrous and non-ferrous metals and stainless steel.

National Association for Information Destruction (NAID)    
Phoenix, Arizona        

Booth #207

NAID is a nonprofit trade association promoting the proper destruction of discarded information and the use of qualified data destruction services.  NAID currently represents more than 1,900 member locations around the world.  Members promote responsible destruction of discarded information by supporting cutting-edge research, client education, and highly respected, globally recognized certification programs for both physical and electronic data destruction.

Newtech Recycling
Somerset, New Jersey

Booth #126

Newtech Recycling offers a turnkey solution to meet the growing needs of computer and electronic recycling.  Newtech is proud to be licensed by the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection and has completed a full-facility review by CHWMEG.  As laws and regulations change, Newtech works hard to be the leader in the industry, providing the proper protection for clients.

NSF International 
Ann Arbor, Michigan 

Booth #235

NSF International, through divisions NSF International Strategic Registrations and NSF Sustainability, is a primary certification body for the e-Stewards, R2, and RIOS recycling certifications.  NSF is a leader in environmental management systems certification and can also provide certification for ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 standards. NSF aims to help companies earn certification and mark themselves as leaders in responsible recycling.

Nulife Glass NY, Inc.
Dunkirk, New York

Booth #524

Nulife Glass has created a unique proprietary furnace technology to recycle and extract hazardous lead from old-style television and computer monitor CRTs.  Nulife Glass has already built a furnace in Kent, UK that is currently operating and recycling all the waste televisions from London and has now been issued a Title V Air Permit by NYSDEC to build and operate a facility in Dunkirk, New York.  The Dunkirk facility is now offering its CRT glass recycling service to U.S. e-scrap recyclers.

Orion Registrar, Inc.
Arvada, Colorado

Booth #509

Orion Registrar, Inc. is dedicated to earning client loyalty with thorough and fair auditing, cost-effective pricing, and excellent customer service. Orion provides certification for Responsible Recycling (R2), RIOS, e-Stewards, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, ISO 9001, AS 9100, 9110, 9120, ISO 13485, TL 9000, PS-Prep, SFI CoC, and BIFMAe3. With Orion, a company can customize its certification needs including integrated standards and site-sampling. Orion has experienced auditors nationwide. Call for a free quote.

Ousei Kankyoshoji Co., LTD
Osaka, Japan       

Booth #202/204

Ousei Kankyoshoji Co. Ltd. is an accredited refinery agent sourcing precious metal-bearing materials in Japan.  The materials are delivered to smelters for state-of-the-art refinery solutions. The company is capable of collecting close to 5,000 metric tons per month.  Ousei Kankyoshoji Co. Ltd. is a reliable company offering recovery solutions, reasonable treatment charges, exceptional customer service, and prepaid settlement service to help customers maximize metal returns.

Owl Plastics
Brooklyn, New York

Booth #416

Owl Plastics is a full service industrial plastic recycling exporting company, providing economical and flexible solutions for industrial recycling problems and providing lower cost alternatives to process recycled materials.  Owl plastics is one of the fastest growing recycling companies in the Northeast region and is currently expanding into different areas of the U.S.

Jacksonville, Florida   

Booth #519

Since 1991 PCLiquidations.com has been buying, recycling, refurbishing and reselling IT hardware.  The company concentrates on reuse and deals with a wide variety of IT hardware and business equipment, focusing on impact printers, point-of-sale systems, LCD monitors and business phone systems.  PCLiquidations.com's ability to re-market through efficient sales processes allows the company to pay more to businesses and fellow recyclers for viable equipment.

Perry Johnson Consulting, Inc.
Southfield, Michigan

Booth #316

Perry Johnson Consulting has been an industry leader in implementing quality and environmental management systems for nearly 30 years. The firm assists organizations in preparing for ISO14000, ISO18000, R2, RIOS and now e-Stewards certification with our streamlined A-Z approach.  Our services include: gap assessments, documentation development, implementation assistance and internal auditing services and training.

Perry Johnson Registrars, Inc.
Troy, Michigan                

Booth #112

Perry Johnson Registrars, Inc. (PJR) is one of the largest registrars in North America and around the world.  PJR has registered thousands of clients to ISO 9001, ISO 14001, R2, RIOS, OHSAS 18001 and other quality/management standards.  PJR has a variety of accreditations throughout the world and is one of a handful of registrars on the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA Schedule) GS-10F-0025K.  PJR operates with clients' best interests in mind.  The company strives hard for flexibility and to keep costs to a minimum while advocating a valued partnership.  Auditors have an average of 15 years experience.    

PowerSource Online        
Longueuil, Quebec

Booth #507

PowerSourceOnline.com is the largest B2B computer, printer, networking and telecom exchange that connects buyers and sellers of IT parts.  Since its creation in 1997, PowerSourceOnline.com has remained committed to providing quality sourcing and disposition solutions of hard-to-find, excess, discontinued, obsolete and end-of-life computer parts and systems.  With a global member base of over 2000 firms consisting of dealers, resellers, brokers and service companies, locating computer parts, systems, telecommunication equipment, peripherals, printers and networking equipment has never been easier.  PowerSource Online is a division of Mediagrif Interactive Technologies, a leading operator of 17 e-business networks that serve over 50,000 businesses worldwide.

QML, Inc.    
Rumford, Rhode Island               

Booth #405

QML is a premier source for precious metal reclamation.  QML's team of qualified professionals has the experience necessary to serve the total metal needs of your company, saving time, reducing risk and maximizing profits.  Openness and transparent reporting assure a traceable chain of custody throughout the global market.

Boulder, Colorado      

Booth #307

The R2:2013 standard is the leading global standard for electronics recycling, requiring industry best practices for worker safety, data security and the environment.  Businesses and government agencies increasingly value the security that comes with the R2 mark of responsible recycling, and more are choosing to work with R2 certified recyclers.  SERI is the new, nonprofit home of the R2 standard.  Visit the R2/SERI booth to learn more about R2 and SERI’s other recycling initiatives.

New Castle, Delware

Booth #230

Razor is a new provider of cloud-based recycling and multi-channel sales solutions enabling recyclers to automate their business processes and maximize their profitability.  We are a single platform for managing your entire business end-to-end by tracking the recycling lifecycle, managing financials and synchronizing your resale items to eBay, Amazon, and 100s of other comparative search engines. Let our intelligent pricing algorithms expose your inventory to the largest number of customers with less effort than today.

Reldan Metals Co. Div. of AR Metals LLC       
Fairless Hills, Pennsylvania    

Booth #109

Reldan Metals Co. Div. of Abington Reldan Metals LLC refinery has been operating and handling precious metal scrap for over 30 years.  The company's state-of-the-art LEED certified facility is ISO 14001:2004 certified, zero discharge, e-Stewards certified, R2 certified, ITAR registered and CHWMEG reviewed.  LEED certification sets forth strict standards for energy-efficient and environmentally responsible workplaces.  Abington Reldan Metals has the capability to handle all types of scrap using various methods such as pyrometallurgical, hydrometallurgical, mechanical reduction, melting and others.  Depending on the type of scrap generated, the firm uses specific techniques to recover the highest value from clients' scrap.

Resource Recycling
Portland, Oregon

Booth #128

Resource Recycling, Inc. is the publisher of three industry magazines -- Resource Recycling, E-Scrap News and Plastics Recycling Update -  and is the primary sponsor of the Resource Recycling Conference, the E-Scrap Conference and the Plastics Recycling Conference.          

S+S Inspection, Inc.      
Bartlett, Illinois                

Booth #209

S+S Inspection provides engineered sorting solutions for the plastics and recycling industries.  The company designs and manufactures the widest variety of metal detectors and optical sorting technology on the market.  S+S specializes in providing custom solutions to solve customers' most demanding needs.      

SAI Global Assurance Services               
Toronto, Ontario    

Booth #322

SAI Global helps lay the groundwork that leads to successful electronic recycling programs. Certification to a variety of electronic recycling standards is the most practical method a processor can use to demonstrate adherence to product stewardship best practices.  These include e-Stewards, R2 and RIOS.  Our global e-scrap experts guide clients through the complex regulations in each country, bringing firms into compliance and maximizing best practices.

SAMR, Inc.       
Lakewood, New Jersey           

Booth #533

SAMR (Supreme Asset Management and Recycling) is a premier electronics recycling company that provides solutions for towns, businesses, schools, hospitals and government entities.  With our corporate location in Lakewood, New Jersey, we service the entire U.S. With more than 15 years of experience in the electronics and computer recycling industry, SAMR provides world-class professionalism and service.  SAMR's services include electronics recycling, computer recycling and disposal, and IT asset management. 

Schutte Buffalo Hammermill LLC      
Buffalo, New York     

Booth #110

Leaders in size-reduction machinery manufacturing for more than 80 years, Schutte-Buffalo Hammermill will be exhibiting the E-Cycler, the only hammer mill designed specifically for electronic scrap recycling and confidential destruction.  Whether a processor's aim is to recycle electronic components for precious metal reclamation or provide secure destruction of confidential information, the E-Cycler is the product of choice.  Visit Schutte-Buffalo's booth to learn more about how custom engineering, and the company's free test grinding services, can ensure that any client's unique requirements are met.   

SDS Logistics

Booth #402

SDS Logistics Services manages your truckload shipments.  Nationwide services include: full truckload, drop-trailers, LTL and container drayage to and from all U.S. ports.  SDS specialty services include white glove pack-and-move and telecom de-installation logistics.  SDS Logistics uses the latest technology, communications and experience to manage clients' material accurately and efficiently.  Email dispatch@sdslogistics.com for rates and service information.

SGS North America, Inc.        
Rutherford, New Jersey

Booth #414

R2 certification by SGS provides a comprehensive review of your organization’s recycling management system.  When partnering with SGS for certifications, clients benefit from the firm's global reputation as a leading provider of audits and certifications.  SGS auditors thoroughly understand all aspects of electronics recycling as well as local and international environmental and health and safety issues and regulations.  Organizations may elect to integrate R2 with the Recycling Industry Operating Standard (RIOS), and R2 can also be readily integrated with other management systems such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001.

Shivnet, Inc.  
Ontario, California     

Booth #331

Shivnet, Inc. is an IT asset recovery, disposition, refurbishing and remarketing company.  Established in 1999 and based in California, the company distributes new laptop batteries, AC chargers, hard disk drives, memory, motherboards, LCD panels and other laptop and desktop parts.  Shivnet helps businesses dispose of their old IT assets, harvest components, wipe their data, and refurbish and remarket their IT assets, giving them a value.  Shivnet also specializes in buying excess OEM inventories and supplying hard-to-find parts to service repair companies.

Cambridge, Ontario         

Booth #203

Shred-Tech designs and manufactures custom reduction, recycling and shredding machinery for a variety of waste applications.  Everything from e-waste, metals, tires, documents, medical waste, plastics, wood and packaged products can be destroyed, size reduced and separated.  With over 2,000 systems installed worldwide, the firm is recognized globally for first-class products and commitment to engineering innovation and quality.

Sims Recycling Solutions             
West Chicago, Illinois          

Booth #302/304

Sims Recycling Solutions is the global leader in electronics reuse and recycling, offering customers in every business sector comprehensive recycling services out of 52 owned and operated sites across the globe.  Sims Recycling Solutions – a business of Sims Metal Management, the world’s largest publicly listed metal and electronics recycler – has the global reach, expertise and infrastructure necessary to guarantee customers that their data is secure, their electronic equipment is processed in an environmentally responsible manner, their reputation is protected and their compliance risks are eliminated.    

SPW Enterprise IT        

Booth #531

SPW Enterprise IT is an independent facility that specializes in refurbishing and remarketing obsolete and used IT assets. We also provide consultation services to handle any legal and environmental liabilities – from recovery to ethical and safe disposal, complete data sanitization, and the regeneration of your equipment through resale or redeployment.

SSI Shredding Systems
Wilsonville, Oregon        

Booth #313

SSI Shredding Systems custom engineers, manufactures and services industry-proven size and volume reduction solutions for a variety of electronic scrap applications.  With installations in 47 countries, SSI utilizes exclusive patented features with low-speed, high-torque technologies to produce quality one-, two-, and four-shaft industrial shredders and systems; primary waste reducers; and pre-load/transfer station compactors.  Visi WatchItShred.com to view SSI’s entire video library of industrial shredders in action.     

Kensington, New Hampshire

Booth #218

New Hampshire-based swissRTec is a leader in building state-of-the-art processing equipment and systems for the electronic recycling industry.  The firm provides cost effective individual components and turnkey solutions for one step size reduction and industry leading delamination and separation of a variety of composite materials found in WEEE, circuit boards, white goods, cables/wires and other waste streams.  Equipment and systems feature high availability, modular and flexible design as well as low maintenance and wear cost.

Austin, Texas

Booth #217/219

Tabernus is a global leader in certified data erasure software, hardware and on-site solutions that completely remove all data from storage devices.  Since 2002, Tabernus has provided solutions in the form of software and hardware solutions for hard drive data erasure and testing.  ITAD and service provider companies can benefit from Tabernus data erasure solutions that support regulatory and compliance legislation.  The company also offers great value and expertise in end-of-life data eradication.

TOTALL Metal Recycling
Granite City, Illinois

Booth #105

TOTALL Metal Recycling, Inc. is committed to meeting or exceeding the needs and expectations of our customers by providing the highest quality recycled products.  The firm is committed to on-time delivery, customer satisfaction and continual improvement.  TOTALL Metal  Recycling is an ISO 9001, 14001, OHSAS 18001 and R2 certified electronics recycler located strategically in the Midwest, allowing the company to meet customers' needs in a timely and sufficient manner.

Tradeloop Corporation
Arlington, Massachusetts

Booth #430

Tradeloop provides the largest online wholesale business-to-business marketplace, empowering over 40,000 brokers, resellers, e-scrap and computer recyclers to safely and efficiently buy and sell computer parts and systems.  Powerful targeted broadcasting and inventory tools quickly and efficiently connect customers and vendors to close more deals.  For more than 15 years Tradeloop's extensive ethics process has provided members a trustworthy platform empowering thousands of trusted connections.  Users rely on Tradeloop to stay in contact with current trading partners and find new ones.

Hoboken-Antwerp, Belgium        

Booth #100

Umicore Precious Metals Refining operates as one of the world's largest precious metals recycling facilities.  The company offers eco-efficient recycling and refining services for precious metal-bearing materials, such as byproducts from other non-ferrous industries, consumer and industrial recyclable products (electronic scrap, spent auto catalysts, spent industrial catalysts, sweeps and bullions).  Umicore recovers and sells precious metals (silver, gold, platinum, rhodium, iridium and ruthenium), special metals (indium, selenium and tellurium), secondary metals (antimony, tin, bismuth and arsenic) and base metals (lead, copper and nickel).           

Universal Recycling Technologies           
Janesville, Wisconsin  

Booth #222

Universal Recycling Technologies LLC (URT) provides electronics recycling, universal waste recycling and asset recovery solutions across a diverse range of market segments including OEMs, retailers, municipalities and Fortune 500 organizations.  All URT locations are certified to the ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004 and e-Stewards standards.

UNTHA Shredding Technology
Hampton, New Hampshire          

Booth #415

For over 30 years, UNTHA has designed and manufactured the world’s best shredders for the recycling industry.  The company's innovative, patented four-shaft cutting technology is the industry’s most efficient automatic shredding system.  With its ability to shred tough materials and provide excellent particle size control with very few fine particles, this low speed, high torque shredder is the ideal solution for e-scrap shredding.  From single-shaft to patented four-shaft cutting systems, the firm has the shredder that’s just right for any reduction and recycling application.

URT Umwelt - und Recyclingtechnik GmbH
Karlstadt, Germany     

Booth #505

URT Umwelt- and Recyclingtechnik GmbH (URT) was established in 1995 by Peter Heßler and Thomas Gundersdorf, company owners and managing directors.  The business content of URT includes the engineering, sale and service of recycling plants for electronic scrap (WEEE) and for the disposal of waste refrigerators (CFC).  For more than 20 years URT has been manufacturing systems for the disposal of cooling units.  URT has a presence in Europe, South America, North America and Asia.

VAN DYK Recycling Solutions         
Stamford, Connecticut 

Booth #403

VAN DYK Recycling Solutions is the leader in innovative e-scrap solutions, with units operating since 2009.  The company's TITECH sensor-based sorters perform specific commodity recovery of high value fractions including circuit boards, gold, copper, aluminum and steel from complex e-scrap streams.  The TITECH finder precisely identifies metal pieces in the 1-2 mm range.  The TITECH combisense simultaneously scans multiple characteristics of throughput to further refine the metal concentrate.  Higher resolution and the latest LED illumination technology provide more stable identification.

Oldsmar, Florida         

Booth #326

Protect the planet and sensitive data with Vology's IT Asset Disposition Service, which provides a simple solution to ensure compliance with regulations such as Sarbanes-Oxley and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) by taking advantage of rigorous security and compliance procedures.  An audit trail is created from a client's door to the firm's secure data destruction facility.

Xing Yun International Trade, Inc.      
Astoria, New York      

Booth #431

Xing Yun International Trade is a licensed R2 trading company exporting plastic scrap and metal scrap to China.  The company was registered in February 2001 and is located in New York City.  Since 2001, the firm has held certifications including R2, ISO9001 and ISO14001.  The company's goal is to make waste products and material regain value through recycling, reuse and refurbishment, and to help clients find the greatest value for products.  At the same time, the firm tries to help build a green, beautiful, energy-saving environment.

Schaumburg, Illinois  

Booth #125

YEC has more than 20 years of history as a pioneer of HDD duplicator/tester and storage related machines. YEC's main customers are automotive manufacturers and car navigation manufacturers as well as companies involved in post-production processes for the Japanese government and other foreign markets.  Recently, YEC devices have provided services and solutions to the data forensics, enterprise storage duplication and data recovery markets.

Carlsbad, California    

Booth #113

As an R2 certified company, ZRG promotes environmentally responsible practices in the medical and electronics recycling industry.  The firm utilizes environmental practices that ensure proper e-scrap disposal, and it reallocates equipment for re-marketing or reuse.