session descriptions

The session agenda for the 2019 E-Scrap Conference and Trade Show is being finalized, but below are some of the topics set to be discussed by industry leaders in Orlando.

Check back soon for the full list of sessions and speakers. And if your organization has a representative interested in speaking on one of these areas, contact our conference program manager, Bobby Elliott, at

Tech giants at the table
Sustainability executives from major OEMs and other companies shaping society's digital future open up on their strategies in terms of recycling, reuse, device design and more.

Impacts from Asia
Import restrictions in China and other countries have caused turmoil in markets for e-plastics and some key metals recovered from electronics. Get the latest on export uncertainties and learn how processors and others can take steps to keep material moving.

Opportunities for growth right now
A variety of industry companies have launched new processing sites or expanded their reach globally in recent months. We hear from company leaders about the factors fueling these exciting developments.

The age of e-scrap tracking
A number of stakeholders have gotten behind initiatives to use GPS trackers to keep tabs on loads sent downstream. What are the biggest takeaways so far and what can we expect in the future? We'll dig into those questions and others.

Spotlight on repair
Across the U.S. support for "right to repair" legislation has grown. Meanwhile, more refurb-focused businesses have launched and evolved. A variety of experts explore best practices in this increasingly critical segment of the industry.

Developments around CRTs
The industry's most infamous "negative value" material remains a major talking point, with new processing technologies recently unveiled and a major stockpile lawsuit now targeting processors that supplied glass. We offer updates on all fronts.

Other critical topics to be explored

-Risks (and solutions) around data security

-Safety and efficiency in processing

-Tips for growing your list of ITAD clients

-Important changes in state e-scrap programs

-Processing guidance for lithium-ion batteries and other challenging items

-Much more!